PA Elections

Elections are very important this November – we have an opportunity to vote for the candidates that support GMO Labeling.

Easily find your district by entering your full address below, note the district number and come back to this page.

Search on this page Ctrl+F or ⌘+F on Mac to find your district and then see the November Race information
You will see Unopposed Races on one line with the district number,  Opposed Races has the district box filled with a gold color, Candidates with * are incumbents (holding current position)

Parties are indicated by color on the name Red is Republican, Blue is Democrat, Orange is Liberian, Purple is Independent, Green is Green Party

When the cell is all highlighted green, it means they are a co-sponsor of our current House Bill HB-1770 or Senate Bill SB-653

Clicking on a name names takes you to ballotpedia which has other information about the candidate and an email should be there, if not please contact that or their party and find out their contact info to update the listing here or ballotpedia. (ballotpedia is about 95% accurate)
If your candidate isn’t listed please ask them to tell us Their stand on GMO’s