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​The GMO labeling movement won big in Vermont this year, along with CT and Maine. And we may still win in Oregon, once all the votes are in. But those laws will be nullified, and we will lose the right to pass any labeling bills into law here in the Commonwealth of PA  if Congress passes H.R. 4432.

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H.R. 4432—the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) ACT —was introduced by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) at the bidding of Monsanto, Big Food.

We need to stop this attack on the constitutional right of Pennsylvanians that are working hard on passing GMO labeling laws. Will you join Gmo Free Pa and other like minded Pennsylvanians for a massive protest and media event in Washington D.C. on December 10?

Pompeo’s DARK ACT is up for a hearing on December 10 starting at 9am. Organic Consumers Association is organizing an organic lunch with speakers and the press, following the hearing.  Join in at the hearing room and line the streets to make it clear to Congress, the media and the Biotech Bullies and Junk Food Giants that we will not sit quietly by while Congress allows Monsanto to trample on our Democracy and poison our food without transparency or accountability.

The GMO Free Pa and their groups, Food and Water Watch – Philly, Gmo Free Lancaster, Local Farmers and other like minded groups have join in efforts to labeling genetically engineered foods in the Commonwealth.  WE collectively have not come this far only to have members of Congress, who have been paid off by Monsanto, to strip us of our constitutional rights. H.R. 4432 is designed to kill the GMO labeling movement once and for all. We can’t let that happen.

Pennsylvanians, we need to stand together in DC in order to get the attention of Congress and the media. Can you be in DC?

Please come with us (If you live near Philadelphia come with us on our OCA BUS)

Also join the Facebook event @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1509252765992758/ to help in spread the word.  ( Join as either Yes or Maybe and invite others)

Event Location

Rayburn House Office Building
Washington D.C.,20515

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